History of the Company

The idea of the company was conceived by its partners, lovers of communication and expression who throughout their careers always worked in the academic and business areas developing different types of actions, projects and ventures.Through their experiences, they detected some gaps regarding the transmission of ideas or content in the written form, that often prevents students from benefitting from academic life. In the same manner, from observing poorly produced texts in various areas of the corporate world, we identified the opportunity to offer services related to writing texts, covering everything from the formatting of content up to the grammatical structure and spelling.This scenario inspired the creation of a service where the client receives direction and guidance for the development of work and projects, allowing them a broader understanding and taking advantage of this process.Thus, Palavra Bem Escrita was born, a company that proposes to submit assertive solutions. We revise, process, produce and translate company-texts; preserving the style, content and intellectual authorship.14 business plan
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