It's simple hiring the services of PBE:1. Please check the investment for each service offered by PBE.2. Fill out the form below to request your budget without commitment.3. Through this same form, send the text to be treated, viewed or translated for the PBE analyze. The text in question must be “dressed" in the space indicated. In cases of texts that are in the archives not editable (PDF for example), this will be considered in at the time of preparation of the budget.4. Already in cases of hiring of creation and writing of texts will be necessary a briefing, or more information on the theme before estimating the costs.VALUES OF THE SERVICES The values mentioned in the lateral column represent a reference’ price for the preparation of budget. This means that the applications will be analyzed according to the complexity of each topic, especially in the case of the creation of texts, where there can be recovery per hour of production. The values of the other services are measured through the count characters of each text sent. The unit of reference is 1200 characters including spaces and punctuation.DEADLINESPBE has premise to meet the deadlines and needs of each client and therefore, the type of service hired and the complexity of each text are the main determinants of the delivery date.For shorter time limits will be charged a fee of urgency of 40% of the total value of the service.HOW TO PAYYou hire the PBE through this website, using the Digital Payment which is a system of buying online allows you to pay the contracted services in a fast way, practical and safe via credit card, bank slip or bank transfer. After the adoption of the budget sent click on the link below, read the contract for the provision of services, click on the button of agreement and automatically you may complete the hiring process of PBE through Digital Payment.

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